Xperiment - Dan Skinner BR with the lovely Marcie and Els. Thanks ladies, for letting me rant.

2.5 stars

This was quite a ride. And I have the most utter respect for Dan Skinner and his ability to write.

But this was not a book for me.

Geoff is skinny, unattractive, depressed and the world is out to get him. That all changes when he is taking part in a ‘vitamin’ experiment. He begins to change physically, and strange things are starting to happen to him. He gets bigger, more muscular, more attractive and develops abilities beyond his wildest dreams.


He feels drawn to bad people, so he sets out to kill them at night. He is becoming the perfect hunter…

There was one thing that really really bothered me. I am one to really believe in the good of my MC. And Geoff was such an innocent, shy person. But this book totally glosses over the fact that he is indeed killing people. And if it was portrayed that he only killed REALLY REALLY bad people, I could kind of understand it, but he gouges the eyes out of a street punk harassing his friend. Why on earth would that be okay? He never even thinks about it afterwards.

Geoff never questions the things he does, nor does anyone else in this book. He also doesn’t question what he is turning into, he just thinks it is all awesome.

I just wanted someone to have a conscience in this story. I am all for going after the bad people, but this was ridiculous. Killing was A okay in this one.


I would have at least expected someone to stand up and say, hey, you are actually killing people here. And why was no one questioning the person who was building this army of beings without telling them? But no, the man behind all of this was the hero. Euh.... no, not for me.

And no one should read this book for the romance. There is a tiny romance going on and it is a sweet one, that's true. But it's not the center of the story. There is also no sex on page. I was quite disappointed in this. I mean, hello, 663 pages here! At least give me a sex scene. But no…

This is a book for people looking for a science fiction, thriller kind of story, not really for the hardcore romance lovers (like me).