The Last Doms

The Last Doms - Bruce McFadden DNF at 5% (a new record!)

No no no no. Just no.


- I really didn’t like the writing. One of my major pet peeves is constant head hopping. I don’t want to be in everyone’s head.
- It’s clear from the start that the two Doms are friends, not in a relationship together. Eeeuh, I don’t want to read about a threesome without love. I want a loving relationship between three people (and it’s also clear they are total sluts and talk trash about their previous partners).
- The two Doms enter a new club, and after they encounter Furries (people in animal costumes), and a man in a diaper, they make fun of them. But they also say this to the owner not 5 minutes later:

”I've gotta tell you, we're digging this place. You seem to have everything."
"Yeah," chimed in Troy. "We've been to a lot of clubs, some even underground. This one might be our favorite so far.”


I doubt this book is going to do a complete turnaround, so no rating and adding it to my DNF shelf.