Tracefinder: Contact

Tracefinder: Contact - Kaje Harper I have changed my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars, because after writing my review I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a story that needs a lot of words, so the fact that the romance is a slow one, felt real and I just need to be more patient and wait for the next book.


Warning: This book is part of a series and NOTHING is resolved at the end of this (long) book.

Things I liked:

- I really liked Brian. I also liked that he acted as Bry so many years, he wasn’t sure who was the real him anymore. No instant cure for him. That felt real. Brian went through so much, he needed therapy. No magical healing by dick here.

- I liked how Nick was with Brian. He genuinely cared about him.

- The Tracefinder thing was really cool, I wish there was more of that in this book.

Things I liked less:

- The relationship between Nick and Brian was just getting started. There wasn’t a lot of romance in this book (don’t read this book if you want a lot of smut).

- I don’t know if I really liked Nick. I’m not quite sure why actually. He’s not your standard hero. He is a cop, but he also a human being. Perhaps I’m just too used to the cop being the one true hero in stories?

- The lies. Yes, Nick meant well, but I foresee massive amounts of angst in the future.

Overall I am very intrigued and will definitely read the rest of the series, but this book in itself didn’t blow me away.
It could be I am changing my rating after I read the rest, because sometimes you can't just rate a book alone when it's part of a series.