Guarding January

Guarding January - Sean Michael 2.5 stars

So far 2016 is not a good book year for me. I keep choosing the wrong books. I know I’m picky, but this makes me sad.


There were parts of this that had some really good hurt/comfort going on, but overall I wasn’t too happy with this book.

The relationship between Rye and Jeff didn’t flow naturally from bodyguard, to friendship, to love. It jumped right from bodyguard to love and it felt unrealistic.

I wouldn't be comfortable walking around naked with my bodyguard for one. And if I was, I would at least think something about it. These guys were naked all the time and acted like it was totally normal (before they got involved).


And neither Jeff nor Rye ever commented on the fact that Rye was indeed Jeff’s bodyguard. No questions about being professional. I would have at least expected a talk about the fact that Rye is getting paid by Jeff or that Rye will be without a job after they get married.

And Jeff asks Rye if he is gay at the beginning, but it’s not mentioned that Jeff is gay himself. I would have expected a GFY, but when they are making out, everyone already seems to know that Jeff is gay. Everyone except me.


And the I love yous….. so unromantic.

”I kind of love you, man. Really.” Stupid, but true.
“Me too.”
“We’re a little stupid, you and me.”

It just didn’t work for me.