Compromised - Bailey Queen Well… this was quite awful.

The writing was pretty weird at times. I don’t think you can replace the word orgasm with the word cum.

His head thrashed from side to side, waves of his cum building deep inside.

Booze and his hard cum pulled him under, and Ben woke, jerking, two hours later


And if there is one thing I truly hate it’s relationship angst. Unrealistic angst at that.

Ben and Tanner have a one night stand, but it turns out their paths cross again after Ben is the FBI agent to investigate the murders in Tanner’s town. Tanner is very angry with Ben because he left him at the motel room without a word. He is mad at him for about 70% of the book. It was weird and it felt like such a fabricated conflict. He calls Ben an asshole a lot, but Ben was a pretty shy, sweet character. The guys met in a bar, they had sex in a motel and Tanner expeced them to start a relationship after that???


And then all the crying… These are men for crying out loud. Tanner was supposed to be this big rancher, instead he wasn’t just constantly crying, he was wailing.

Ben heard a low, loud keen, mournful wailing, muffled in a pillow.


And then the mystery. I figured out who did it from the start. It was so obvious.

I also have no idea why Ben and his traumatic flashbacks were thrown in, it did nothing for the story.

I did not enjoy this one.