The Wolf Inside

The Wolf Inside - DiscontentedWinter 3.5 stars

This was WAY more angsty than I thought it would be.

Alex is a boy, but his wolf is a girl. (Alex is Derek’s younger brother.)

Wen he is 13, Alex meets Jason. Jason doesn’t care that Alex feels like a boy sometimes and a girl at other times. Jason was the best. He was so sweet, I loved him.

But what wrecked me were the 4 years they were apart. Alex really hit rock bottom then and did some awful things to himself.

I cried. I cried, I cried and I cried some more. It made me so sad.


I did enjoy this, because the writing is of course superb (Hello! It’s Lisa Henry), but I need something uplifting now.

Oh, and Peter is the bomb in this one!