The Blinding Light

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye 3.5 stars

Even though I liked the light fluffiness that was this book (hello, it’s Renae Kaye!), I did have some issues with it. And they were not the issues I thought I would have.

I’ve read [b:You Are the Reason|25403555|You Are the Reason (The Tav #2)|Renae Kaye||45157164] several times and because Patrick and Jake are a big part of that, I thought I knew what they would be like. I was convinced Patrick would be kind of an ass because I found him to be rather cold in YATR. But… he was sweet in this one. I wasn’t expecting that (not that I’m complaining here).

I liked how Jake and Patrick got to know each other bit by bit and how they got into a loving relationship rather quickly. There was no time for angst, but it didn’t feel rushed or artificial.

So there were a lot of things I liked, but there were also 3 things I liked less.

For one, Patrick was supposed to be this terrible person because no housekeeper wanted to work for him. But he wasn’t. I had a hard time believing that no one accepted the fact that he was blind and therefore needed things to be in their place. The agency made it out as if he was some sort of monster. That was really unrealistic.

I also had a hard time accepting the fact that Patrick hired Jake as his housekeeper and kept paying him once they moved in together.

And then….. the baby and how they got her.I knew this because of the second book of course, but it felt really unnatural in this story. The whole situation came out of the blue and I wasn’t totally on board with it.

Overall, I liked it, but didn’t completely love it.