Behind Bars

Behind Bars - Alana Henry What a frustrating book!!

It started out really strong and I was loving it, but as the story progressed I had a feeling the author was just making things up as she went along.

Things that bothered me:
- This book has 3 POVs, Riley, Nathan and a fellow inmate/friend. I have no idea why we gotten so much of John’s POV, I didn’t care for him at all. And why would someone choose to write it like this? No head hopping, just these 3 POVs. It was weird.
- The sex scenes were awful. They were not detailed, but the things we got were terrible. Either give us a full sex scene filled with intimacy or skip it all together, but do not write it like this: I felt pain, pleasure and then it was over. Well, okay then.


- The plotholes! It was ridiculous. I can understand some artistic license to get a story going, but this was absolutely ridiculous.
- And then the thing that bothered me most and still puzzles me.
There is no background story for Riley, our main MC. He is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, but we never learn what really happened (just bits and pieces)! I can understand some build up to the moment he tells Nate, but what we got was: ‘Riley told him.’ Wait, what did he tell him?

This happens a lot throughout the story.

And so with another deep breath I began, to tell him everything I’d told Nate and even a few more bits and pieces about my life before my father’s death that I hadn’t mentioned to Nathan out in the woods.

What was his life with his father then??? I want to know this! I want to know why Riley was sent to prison, but it is all left vague. I don’t get this for a 353 pages book.

And there is this guy Jerry, who is someone who visits Riley and who Riley is close to, but we never learn who he is! Is he a stepfather, an uncle, a brother? I have no idea??
It is also said in the last 10 pages that Riley’s little brother comes to visit him. He has a little brother?? Why just drop that info there?

And I often felt that the pacing was off. We gotten pages of nothing and when we finally got an action scene, I would expect some peace and quiet after that, but no, it just kept going. It was weird.

My feelings for this book are all over the place. I mostly feel sad for what this book could have been. It had so much potential.


Oh, and for people who are worrying this is a romance between two hardened criminals, here is a little spoiler, Riley is innocent and Nathan is an undercover FBI agent.