On the Island

On the Island  - Tracey Garvis-Graves I haven’t read any M/F in years, but I was willing to make an exception for this book. I just love the stranded on a deserted island trope.


And boy did this one deliver. I loved it. Anna was a great heroine and I never once wanted to hit her on the head (as I normally want to with female MCs).

I absolutely loved how T.J., being only 16 when they stranded, never once felt as a boy to me. Could be because of his experience with dealing with cancer at such a young age. And Anna was just great. These two never really had the student/teacher relationship as you would expect since that’s what they were. They were friends from the start and depended on each other for survival.

What really amazed me was that the author could go into depth, but cover years in only several pages. I love it when it feels this real.

Anna and T.J. spent 3,5 years on their island, trying to survive, nurse each other back to health and of course falling in love. They never once believed they would be there forever. They always kept hope someone would find them.


We also get a big part of the ‘after’. What happens when they return to civilization..

And there is where this book really annoyed me. There is this big break up. Anna thinks T.J. should enjoy being young and be with someone his own age. I really hated that. It was the one thing in this book I truly did not enjoy.

But other than that this book was great. I loved the growing friendship and later on the romance. This book is not heavy on the sex. The sex is there but we get no details whatsoever. It was actually quite classy the way the author did that. I don’t always like classy…… (give me dirty any day!), but it suited this book.

Such an amazing book.