The Art of Hero Worship

The Art of Hero Worship - Mia Kerick BR with Els, Wendy and Karlijn

This started out great. The opening scene was thrilling and I was on the edge of my seat. But this book really missed its mark when the author decided to go for a double GFY...

A fellow student decides to shoot everyone in a movie theater.


Jason’s girlfriend gets killed and he is hiding under a chair, terrified of moving. He gets rescued by Liam, who gets them both out of there.

After the horrible ordeal in the movie theater, Jason is suffering from PTSD. Liam asks him to go away with him for a weekend, because they both need each other. Liam agrees and finds himself closer than ever to Liam.

This could have been so amazing. All the ingredients were there. But the relationship was extremely underdeveloped. There is talk of love after they see each other for the 4th time.

I was okay with the ‘let me distract you with some sex’ scene in the beginning if Liam had been gay, but I found out later on in the book he thought himself as straight as Jason. Then that scene made no sense at all.


The rest of this book is not even them dealing with being traumatized, but them coming out to the world as gay. I would have liked a bit more depth before they declared there was even a real relationship.

And the sex scenes.. Oh boy, they were awkward! I felt all the interactions between Jason and Liam were awkward, but the sex scenes were even worse. Ugh.


I don’t recommend this one.