Wolf, WY

Wolf, WY - A.F. Henley 3.25 stars

Randy moves from the city to a small town, Wolf, Wyoming. He hopes to find some peace and quiet there, and perhaps some friendly people. What he gets is peace and quiet, but no friendly people.

His neighbors, Vaughn and his 3 kids are just plain rude to him. He doesn’t get what’s going on with them and why Vaughn seems interested in him, but pushes him away at the same time.

For the first half of this book Vaugn is such an ass. I truly hated him and wanted him to just go away.


But when he grew on Randy, he kind of grew on me too.

Of course it was clear to me what was going on with Vaughn and his family from the start, but I liked the little twist with the 18 year old son, Lyle.

For most of this book I was kind of rooting for Randy to please get it on with both Vaughn and his son, Lyle. That would have been SO HOT.


We got some shifters, some action, some smexy times, and a nice romance. Yep, I enjoyed this one.