Dominque - Nicole Colville DNF at 52%

I was planning on taking a break and then get back to this, but it’s been several days and I still have no interest in continuing.

I love rentboy books. The reason why I love them is because there is always a hurt/comfort theme going on since the guy is usually not prostituting himself because he’s having so much fun. But this is too cheesy and not angsty enough to be believable as a rentboy book.

I’m just not feeling the connection between the two. Jacob is treating Dominque as a rentboy when all of a sudden he is telling him he lied and is planning on having a real relationship with him.

Euh what?


That really came out of nowhere.

And don’t get me started on the BDSM. Ugh. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy.

Since this book is so long and I still had 180 pages to go, I decided to drop it.