Restitution: A Love Story

Restitution: A Love Story - Jersey Devil Editing, Aubrey Cullens Nate just came out of prison and is trying to build a life for himself. He’s living in his brother’s tiny garage apartment and he’s trying to get a job.

He gets kind of down when no one wants to hire him. The fact that he has the documents to prove he is innocent and released early doesn’t help him at all.

He finally gets a job at a warehouse when he gets hired by a cute man named Parker.

But even though Nate feels attracted to Parker, he went through some horrible things in prison, so he told himself, he’s not gay.


I really wanted there to be more hurt/comfort. An innocent man sent to prison, that’s so much to work with! But what happened to Nate and why he was imprisoned is only mentioned in passing later on in the book. I was disappointed about that. I wanted more details, but we got nothing…

There were also two instances where talking would have been nice instead of jumping to conclusions. I do hate that. I’m all for da COMMUNICATION. It’s not that hard, really.


I did like Emma, Parker’s 9 year old niece, who lived with him. I’m not a big fan of kids in books, but this was not bad at all. Emma was sweet and took up just enough time of the story for it not to be too much.

Overall this was a nice story with some hurt/comfort elements. But it’s not a story that blew my socks off.