Patience - Grace R. Duncan 3.25 stars

This started out really strong. I loved how Jamie and Chad met and felt they were destined mates.

I was really hoping for some emotional MINE MINE MINE smexy times, but instead we got doubts and insecurity. Not about each other, but how to claim (bite) each other as mates because Chad is human.

These guys go off to Rome to research human mates and find out how to claim each other without Chad dying. And that’s where I lost interest. I am just not fond of a ‘let’s do research’ period in my books. And because that was the entire plot, I was a bit disappointed.

It’s still good, and it did pick up at the end, but the whole trip to Rome could have been left out for me.

I think I was hoping for more emotions. Jamie and Chad were so even tempered, it got somewhat boring.

This can be read as a stand-alone.