Painful Lessons

Painful Lessons - S.C. Wynne 2.5 stars

I was really looking forward to this, but it wasn’t meant to be.


Brett has just started college and starts a relationship with his math tutor, Jeremy. Jeremy is sweet and understanding at first. But then he gets controlling and manipulative.

Brett breaks things off with Jeremy when he finds out Jeremy is anything but monogamous. Brett’s friend Sam tried to warn him, but Jeremy wouldn’t listen.

It’s not long before Brett sees what a good friend Sam actually is. He starts to fall in love with Sam, but then Jeremy starts harassing him.


This could have been so good! I really wanted innocent Jeremy to be really seduced by evil Jeremy. And I wanted Sam to show Jeremy what love really could be.

I was expecting a gullible, shy virgin, just starting college. But the author kind of ruined this for me when she started describing how Brett and the pool guy spent the entire summer screwing each other’s brains out.


When Brett meets Jeremy, he has also just met Sam. The attraction to Sam was there from the start, so it wasn’t all that clear to me why he chose Jeremy instead. We get told that Brett fell for Jeremy because he wanted to feel special, but I didn’t buy it.

When Brett calls things off with Jeremy, he immediately starts something with Sam. I wanted this relationship to be the one. The one that made my heart sing. But no, it’s all rushed and just didn’t feel that deep to me.

I got pretty angry with Sam when Brett wanted to talk to him about his bad sexual experiences with Jeremy, Sam just said he didn’t want to hear about it. Well, Sam, tough luck, just help your boyfriend heal!


And the big thing near the end was so anti-climactic. It’s all written so clinically. Where was the emotion, the feels?

And then my last complaint, what is with the guy on the cover?? Brett didn’t wear glasses and neither did Sam….