Einstein's Peep Show

Einstein's Peep Show - Josephine Myles 3.5 stars

Rory gets home one day to find his cute, nerdy neighbor on his doorstep asking him if he’s gay.

“Yes, fine. I’m a flaming homo. And I’m about to go into my flat and do outrageously queer things, possibly involving the contents of my salad drawer.” Not that any cucumbers lurked in there at the moment, but it sounded kinkier than using a plain old dildo.

Nathan, the neighbor, needs Rory to have some sex on camera so that Nathan can satisfy his webcam client and earn enough money to get him through university.

Rory decides to make it a good show.

“Make some noise while I slide in slowly,” he whispered to Nathan, before raising his voice. “Yeah, baby. Feels so lush in your tight little fudge tunnel.”

“That’s it, my little fuck-pony. Make some noise. Whinny your appreciation for my mighty purple-headed yoghurt slinger.”

So romantic when it’s just the two of them too.

Why did he have so many problems using the right slang terms? You’d think he’d have got used to them all by now. “I want to shag you. Fuck you. Stick my dick in you and waggle it around till we both come.

This was fun!