Until I Found You

Until I Found You - B.G. Thomas 3.5 stars

This is a cute book.
Don’t expect it to blow your mind though. But it has a cute dog in it, that counts for something.


Christopher goes home one day to find his apartment door open and his dog, Frost, missing. It’s a year later when he sees his dog again.

Doyle adopted the dog, Jack, after the death of his husband.

When the two meet, they know they have a problem. Both are reluctant to part with their dog, but they also know they can’t have him both.

When the two spend some more time together, they find out they have more in common than they thought.

This is a simple story about two men falling in love, and a dog called Frost, or Jack, or just Jack Frost.

It’s not that special and the last chapter especially was not that great. Everything is all wrapped up all of a sudden and we get told they live happily ever after, but not shown. That was a disappointment.

Still, it’s enjoyable and I was in the mood for this.