Falling - Suki Fleet "But perhaps it's the fragility, the temporariness that makes some things precious. Like moments that will never happen again. You have to make them worth it, because even though they are temporary, they are worth happening. If not, what's the point?"

This was beautiful.
Suki Fleet sure knows how to use her words to tell a story.

I loved the writing. It was so real, conveyed so much emotion.

Josh knows he is falling for his neighbor, the 18 year old Angus, but he thinks Angus deserves better. He knows Angus is attracted to him, so he has been trying to keep his distance.

But Angus needs Josh's help taking care of his mom, who suffers from anxiety, especially since someone broke into their appartment.

I loved how Josh and Angus grew closer before anything happened between them. They started a friendship before there was love.

I was afraid this book would be angsty and depressing, but it made me feel hopeful and not sad, even though the first half made me feel a bit melancholic. There is no real relationship angst, even though not everything goes smoothly. I don't really like angst, but this was totally manageable for me.

Such a beautiful book.