The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One

The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One - N.R. Walker 4.5 stars

What a wonderful book this turned out to be.


Spencer is sweet, tattooed, bearded and, he brings couples back together for a living.


He gets hired by Andrew, who wants to get back together with Eli, his ex-boyfriend. It’s Spencer’s job to get to know Andrew so he has enough ammo to make Eli jealous.

But when the two spend more and more time together, it becomes clear Andrew is not just a job.

I really loved this. This is an excellent start to what could be an amazing series.

This story has such a nice slow burn, I loved it. I liked how these two got to know each other slowly before anything happens. I really felt the connection, the looks, the sighs, everything. It was wonderful.

If you’re looking for a low angst, sweet book with a nice slow burn (no sex yet), this is the book for you! I really loved it.