Scenes from Adelaide Road

Scenes from Adelaide Road - Helena Stone DNF at 87%

I can’t do it anymore.

This book is ridiculous.
It’s trying to hard to be Irish, it's weird.
Lennart is so stupid.
It’s depressing, and I really don't want to continue reading.

Lennart is young, insecure and has been verbally abused his whole life. He meets Aiden and of course Aiden sees how precious Lennart is, so they kiss, have sex, live together, fall in love (this all happens before you hit 40%). The rest of the book consists of Lennart feeling insecure and constantly thinking Aiden is going to leave him.


And what do you do when you get attacked by your high school bullies? You keep silent of course, because you don’t want to make it worse. And telling the police who did it is not going to help. These super villains will find a way to get past the police anyway. Yes, that's totally the right course of action.

And when you get another letter from your father where he admits he’s behind the attack (people actually still send letters?? Perfect evidence too...), what do you do then? You of course tell your boyfriend he has to leave, so he will be safe (without telling him the real reason, not that that actually works). And no going to the police. Again. Yup, that’s totally what I would do.


Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

This book bored me out of my mind, had terrible hurt/comfort (I wanted to kick Lennart, not hug him) and a TSTL MC. Ugh…. Going to bleach my brain now.