Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch - Heidi Cullinan Wow! I loved every single second of it this. Narrator Iggy Toma rocks!

This book is music. So much music.


Aaron is one of the popular jocks in high school, or so it seems. What no one knows is that he has a father who wants to control his every move. So now Aaron has to pick a college, any college, but he can’t seem to make up his mind.

It is at a graduation party that he meets Giles. Nerdy, skinny Giles, who is being chased by some ‘friends’ of Aaron. They meet each other while hiding in the laundry room. Aaron is trying to get shitfaced so he doesn’t have to make a decision about college, since his dad is coming to pick him up the next day.

When Giles asks Aaron if he wants to leave the party Aaron agrees. They end up parked at the lake, and when Giles notices that Aaron is attracted to him, he takes the lead and they make out. Aaron is so overwhelmed after that that he closes off and doesn’t say a word to Giles. Giles thinks Aaron is blowing him off and drives him home. He thinks he is never going to see Aaron again.

But Giles told Aaron that he will be attending Saint Timothy, a nice respectable college. So Aaron decides to go there too, in the hope to see Giles again.

When Aaron and Giles see each other at Saint Timothy, Giles thinks Aaron is out to get him, since all the popular jocks in high school used to beat him up. Aaron gets scared and doesn’t dare approach Giles after the look Giles gave him.

The two go their own way for a while. I loved reading about their experiences. Giles is trying to no longer be the nerdy kid everyone picks on, and he does succeed in this. He feels better and things are different than in high school.

But Aaron isn’t so lucky, Aaron is drowning.


Aaron chose pre-law as his major because his father wanted that, but he feels so unhappy with it. Aaron also doesn’t have any friends and he can’t seem to figure out how to handle college life. He also has a roommate who won’t talk to him.

The one good thing is that he got accepted into the men’s a cappella group, the Ambassadors. It turns out Aaron has an amazing singing voice and can play almost any instrument. But he still struggles.

When Aaron breaks down in the middle of the hallway, it is Damien who finds him. Damien is part of the Ambassadors and decides to take Aaron under his wing. Things are now looking up for Aaron. He drops all the pre-law classes and decides to major in music.

When he is helping to put together a girls a cappella group as well, he gets to work with Giles. Giles has lots of experience in music because he plays the violin and is in the orchestra.


The two become friends again and it is clear them avoiding each other was one big misunderstanding. It is not long before Giles can’t take it anymore and kisses Aaron. This was such an incredible scene! I loved it! So romantic.

What I loved most about this book was the fact that it turned out that nerdy Giles was the one who liked to take charge and Aaron, the handsome jock, was the shy one. This had some wonderful hurt/comfort going on, since Aaron felt so lost at times.

And as I said in the beginning of my review, this book is music. Aaron lives and breathes music. I could just hear it, feel it. It was amazing.


Walter and Kelly of the previous book also play a very big role in this story. Walter was such a good friend to Aaron. I fell in love with Walter all over again.

We also saw a lot of Baz and Elijah in this, the couple of the next book. I cannot wait to read about them.