I Survived Seattle

I Survived Seattle - J.K. Hogan While this was nice, it was nothing like book 3, which I loved.

Not that this one was bad, it just lacked some depth and some events were simply there to create some angst.

Justice is coming to Seattle to be the best man in his best friend’s wedding. It is on the plane that he meets Nic. Sparks fly, but Justice is sure they’ll never see each other again.

Of course faith decides otherwise when Nic is the captain of the boat Justice hired for the bachelor party.

The relationship that develops is not without problems since Justice suffers from anxiety and OCD. And there is of course the fact that Justice isn’t out. But Nic doesn’t want to be a dirty secret again.

I felt as if Justice’s anxiety and OCD could have used a bit more attention in this story. We witness several panic attacks and Justice blames his disorder for the fact he can’t feel comfortable with certain things. But I felt it was more of an excuse than the real reason.

Also Justice’s reasons for being in the closet were…. not that good. It was the big conflict in the story, but it was somewhat unrealistic.

I also really really hate a break up at 80% in a story. It creates this artificial angst that I just don’t enjoy.

The next book is about Rich. I am not sure I want to read it. I hate Rich and I don’t think he can redeem what he did to Justice in this book. I don’t care how awful his childhood was. He turned into a very hateful man.