Acrobat - Mary Calmes Dreo!! I loved Dreo. So alpha.

"You wanna be mine so badly.
Nate. Say yes… you wanna be mine.”
“Yours. Yes,” I barely whispered the words.

Lots of people said that Mary Calmes is like crack, and they’re right. But after reading this book I think Mary Calmes is actually on crack.

This book was ridiculous. And I loved it.

Nate is absolutely perfect. Everyone loves him. Women throw themselves at his feet as do men. People are always crying in his vicinity because they’re so grateful he is in their lives.

I did learn that when you are 27, you are too young to have a child. At least that’s what everyone says when Nate’s son gets his girlfriend pregnant. Everyone except for perfect Nate of course. Nate says just the right things. (Isn’t he the BEST!)


When a co-worker offers Nate her apple, which she had already started, Nate of course accepts and eats the rest. Because that is what you do when you are buddy buddy with everyone.

This also has all the insta-love. Like REALLY instant. But it’s okay, it’s Mary…

I was however totally shocked to find out these guys use condoms! Like all the way until they’re tested. That was a first! What happened to your condom allergy, Mary?


This book still gave me all these warm fuzzies that I love so much. And how everyone just got over the fact that Dreo was gay…. lovely, and so realistic.

Yeah, it was awesome.


Thanks Wendy for recommending this one!