Stray - Kari Gregg This book was all tell and no show.
I think there were maybe 3 conversations in the entire book.

I have to admit I was quite intrigued by the lycan’s uuuhh.. bones in strange places.

Shadows danced, but the darkness wasn’t so deep Luke wouldn’t be able to make out the curve of the pack leader’s ass or the length and girth of his cock, permanently erect thanks to a bone in lycan penises that was absent in human dicks.


How do these guys wear pants??

But I got so tired with Luke constantly telling how mating was nothing like in romance novels.

Humans generated absurd stories based on this first stage of the mating cycle.

It included a few of the fated mate romance novels Luke and his mother shared a fondness for, though they both knew the fantasy was a bunch of hooey.

Why do you think I read these books?? Could it be because I love that bunch of hooey? I really didn’t like the pragmatic way the author described the mating bond. It was so incredibly unromantic.

And this is a HEA? They only talk about staying together in literally the last sentence.

A lot of things were unresolved at the end of this book. I can’t find if this is part of a series, but if this is a stand-alone, it was confusing to have so many things going on but nothing followed through (what about the ferals on the land, or the relationship between Nate and Jeremy?)

I was glad to be finished with it.