All In

All In - Alexa Land 3.25 stars

Totally ridiculous.


We met Charlie in the previous book where he was kind of an ass. It was almost like he was a whole different person in this. He was sweet, shy and very innocent.

He starts dating Dante, who is in the mafia (why does no one in the mafia care that Dante is gay???).

Charlie really starts caring for Dante when Dante suddenly breaks up with him. Dante tells him he can only get off on whipping and beating someone and he doesn’t want to hurt Charlie.

To prove Charlie Dante is indeed depraved, he cuffs Austin, a rent boy to Charlie. Dante has to leave for a couple of days, but Austin should tell Charlie how it is being the sexual partner of Dante.

I actually liked the scenes where Charlie and Austin (turns out his name is really Christopher Robin) were cuffed together. It was fun and I could feel the bond of friendship forming between the two. Of course I did laugh my sox off when Charlie exclaims Christopher Robin is his best friend after only 48 hours.


The whole BDSM thing was weird and when Dante once again says he simply CANNOT get off another way, I wanted to slap him. Come on, dude, you seriously can’t get it up any other way, and you can’t just ease Charlie into the whole whipping thing? It has to be all or nothing?

But you just have to go with the crazy to enjoy this book, so I did. It was fun, totally unrealistic and overall ridiculous. Of course I will read the next book. And the next. And probably the next..