In Pieces

In Pieces - Alexa Land For the first 50% I really wanted to DNF this. I just wasn’t feeling it.

Where the other two books in this series were so cheesy it was funny, this struck a more serious note. But hurt/comfort needs to be done well, and this was a bit meh.


Christopher Robin is a rent boy. He knows it’s not ideal, but he doesn’t know how else to get himself through art school.

He meets Kieran at a Christmas party. It is lust at first sight and the two share a kiss. This sounds really hot and intense, but it was actually kind of weird.

They meet again at Charlie and Dante’s wedding. Kieran asks Christopher to spend the weekend with him. Uhh… what? Isn’t that a bit fast? And when Kieran explains he has never been with a man before it got even more unrealistic.


Why didn’t the author ease into things a bit more slowly? I could not get a good handle on Kieran at all because of this.

After this weekend, the two kind of start dating. Christopher explains he doesn’t do relationships, but Kieran tries to convince him otherwise. Kieran just doesn’t understand why Christopher is so reluctant, since he doesn’t know anything about Christopher being a rent boy.

Since the two start dating without really knowing each other it comes as quite a shock when Christopher finds out Kieran is a cop. And when Christopher gets arrested Kieran finally finds out what Christopher does for a living. This could have created some major angst, but I was actually glad Kieran didn’t really make a fuss.

After this their relationship kind of stabilizes and the rest of the book is more OTT shenanigans of the Dombruso family and the issue with Christopher dealing with his food phobia (which I would have loved to see more of but it didn’t really focus on this).

I felt the relationship needed to have a better foundation when stuff started happening around them.

I actually liked the second half much better than the first because it focusses less on the relationship and more on the rest of the characters.

The relationship was definitely the weak link for me in this book. It was too underdeveloped and I never connected with Kieran. I had no idea where he was coming from most of the time. And the fact that he wanted to be submissive in the bedroom just didn’t clash with what I had in mind for this book.

What saved this from getting 2 stars is Nana. She kicks ass. I love her.