The Deep of the Sound

The Deep of the Sound - Amy Lane BR with Els

4.25 stars

Amy Lane sure knows how to write. Her words are just beautiful. Sometimes heartbreaking, but always beautiful.

I know Amy Lane can write ANGST so I was a bit hesitant to start this. And yes, this book felt heavy at times, but because the romance was so beautiful it didn’t depress me. These guys were made for each other.

Cal is been taking care of his brother and uncle for the last 6 years. His brother has a lot of issues, OCD, ADHD, Aspergers, and some other stuff. His uncle suffers from Alzheimer's. Ever since Cal’s parents died, he is working two jobs so keep his family afloat. He is fishing on his own boat during the day and bussing tables at a hotel at night. He has no idea how long he is going to keep this up, but he will try as long as it’s necessary.

Avery has always been the weird one, skinny, outsticking ears, glasses and a love for writing fanfiction. He also has the biggest heart. That heart gets him into trouble because he lets his boyfriend walk all over him. Avery decides to break up with him after it’s clear Billy is only with him because he provides for him.

Avery decides to pack up his stuff and move away. He has planned to attend a convention of his favorite tv show, so he decides to look for apartments after the convention is over.

When his car breaks down on a deserted road, he has no idea what to do. It is Cal and his brother Keir, who rescue him.

After this meeting Avery and Cal see each other in the hotel Avery is staying and Cal is working. They become friends when Cal spends his breaks sitting at Avery’s table.

Avery realizes that for how awful his own life is, it can always be worse. At least Cal has the love of his family, even though he has no freedom and has to work two jobs to have something to eat.

They decide to just see where it leads.

”Until we can’t.”

These guys were so incredibly sweet together. They took care of each other. Cal started out looking after his ‘Rescue Puppy’ Avery, but when things fell apart for Cal, Avery stepped up his game and took care of Cal when he needed it.

I wasn’t sure how this book could have a HEA, but somewhere halfway through I stopped seeing this book as depressing and saw this book as beautiful. The guys taking care of each other… I loved it. I felt if they just had each other, everything would work out fine. And it did… We got a lovely HEA and it felt real, not OTT or fabricated. And I don’t mean a strong HFN, no, we got the real thing.

”Until forever.”