Shiver - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake What a nice start to a new series.

It centers around four guys, Lucas, Snow, Rowe and Ian. These guys are like brothers to each other and I loved reading about their bond.

This first book is about Lucas, who owns several night clubs in town. After he received several threats and has been beaten up as a warning, Rowe assigns him one of his security men as Lucas' bodyguard.

Lucas cannot help but feel attracted to his bodyguard, Andrei, from the moment the meet. It is clear Andrei feels the same way, even though Andrei considered himself pretty straight before meeting Lucas. I say pretty straight, because he does have some experience with men.

These guys are two alpha males and they had great chemistry, in and out of the bedroom.


I loved how possessive Lucas was of Andrei.

"No! You are mine and no one touches you."

I can’t wait to read more about trauma-surgeon Snow, straight and married Rowe and of course sweet Ian.

My one major complaint is that this ends in a very meager HFN. No love declarations or anything. But I just have to have faith that the author will give Lucas and Andrei their real HEA in Snow’s book.