Absolution - Sloane Kennedy 4.5 stars

Expect some spoilers in my review!

What an awesome book!

This is a book about 3 men, finding love with each other.

Mace is part of an underground group that takes matter into their own hands when the justice system fails. He is hired to take out Jonas, an artist, who Mace has been told has kidnapped and abused several boys.

But after watching Jonas for some time he cannot phantom the young, innocent man to be a child molester. Because of his doubts he decides to take on a job as Jonas’ handyman to get to know him better.

Jonas cannot get a feel for his new handyman. One moment he is convinced Mace is attracted to him and the other moment he acts all cold. After an almost kiss he is more confused than ever.

Then a man connected to his past shows up. Cole just found out his sister, who disappeared 8 years ago is dead and that Jonas was there when she died. He goes to see Jonas to find out the whole story and perhaps get some closure.

Cole forms a tentative friendship with Jonas, but he cannot help but feel attracted to Mace as well. It is obvious all three men are getting closer to each other, but there are still so many secrets. When someone tries to kill them, they run. It is there that the truth comes out and now they have to find a way to discover who is trying to frame Jonas.

I loved these men! Jonas was sweet and innocent, with a horrendous past. Mace was the tough protector of the three and Cole the quiet, sensible one. They were just perfect for each other. I loved that they all fell in love at the same time. There are no sex scenes with just two of them, only ever with the three of them.

And boy were those scenes HOT!!

So if you’re looking for an exciting, suspenseful, romantic and very hot MMM book, read this one!