Resilient Heart

Resilient Heart - Annabeth Albert 3.5 stars

Nice hurt/comfort story about two army buddies.

This story starts with Xander being in the hospital. He got blown up by an IED and is now missing his right forearm, has several scars across his face and walks with a severe limp.

Mackey is there to take him home. Mackey, who has been Xander’s fuck buddy for the last couple of years. But Xander thinks it’s just pity, since he got the distinct feeling before that Mackey didn’t want a relationship with him. Xander has been in love with Mackey for years and cannot stand Mackey pitying him.

Now all Mackey needs to prove is that he really is in love with Xander and it is not pity driving him to take care of Xander.

I liked these guys, but this book also depressed me a little. Xander was in a really dark place for most of this book. He was just so angry and I totally got where he was coming from.

But I did like Mackey’s insistence and love for Xander. And I really liked that long epilogue. It tied things up nicely.