Motel. Pool.

Motel. Pool. - Kim Fielding 3.5 stars

I really liked this. But it did have this overall feeling of depression, so 3.5 stars it is.

I have a hard time reading about people who feel so depressed that they give up their house, quit their job and start driving across country without a specific goal. And that’s exactly what Tag is doing.

When he needs some rest, he stops at a place where there used to be a motel, according to the sign. There is nothing left, but Tag imagines there was a motel once with a swimming pool.

When he’s had some sleep he continues with his journey, but when someone in the passenger seat start talking to him, he almost wrecks his car.

Jack died 60 years ago in the pool of the motel Tag stopped to rest. He can make himself pretty solid after practicing for so many years.

Of course Tag thinks he has gone mental and thinks this is the end for him. But when other people see Jack too, Tag knows he is not crazy.

Jack convinces Tag to let him tag along and they end up in Vegas. Tag has no idea what he’s doing there, but he thinks that place is as good as any.

The two spend several days together when it is clear they are attracted to each other. Luckily Jack has no problem staying solid and they have some hot ghostly sex.

But Jack knows his time is almost up and he cannot seem to do anything to stop this.

I loved these guys. This book starts with Jack and how he lived his life and eventually died. I kind of wanted more. We don’t get answers to some questions. And Tag was really depressed for most of this book. So I felt depressed with him.

I thought it was kind of sudden when he declared he was able to feel because of Jack. The romance happens in a short period of time and the love declarations were flying around before I knew it.

Still, I enjoyed this and had a good time reading it.
Oh, and I liked the solution to their problem even though it was pretty farfetched.