Shatter - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake 4.5 stars

This was awesome!


I loved this second installment even more than the first. There was more romance in this one. And of course we got to know the characters a little better. We got more background on these four men. I just love these guys.

There is someone out to get Lucas, Snow, Rowe and Ian. This is all tied to what happened 7 years ago. We don’t get much details at first, but as the story progressed we got more and more so we could puzzle the pieces together.

This story concentrates on Snow, the stoic surgeon. The one who supposedly always needs to be in charge. Well, he has met his match in Jude, a paramedic at the hospital Snow works. They both had their eye on each other for a while, but Snow doesn’t want to mix work and pleasure.

Of course Snow hadn’t counted on Jude’s determination. When these men get together they burn up the sheets. I loved the smexy times in this. They were hot, and filled with so much emotion. And I loved that Snow does not need to be in charge this time. I love it when a big man submits.


These books are action packed and the romances are sweet and explosive. There’s not a lot of relationship angst in this series. I love that! These men are stubborn, but they recognize something good when they see it.

I loved getting to know these men. A terrible thing happened to Ian in the past and I cannot wait for him to get his book with the cop, Hollis Banner. I love him!!!! And Rowe…. I felt so sad for him. But I know he will be happy again and I’m sure the writers will give him his well-deserved HEA.

I need the next book! NOW!