Skye Blue

Skye Blue - Alexa Land OMG, this book was hilarious! I had so much fun reading this.

”I’m going to say yes to the very next guy that propositions me. I could easily end up saying yes to a scary fifty-year-old with super creepy little girl hands.”
“Ew! What, like in his pocket?” Christian exclaimed.
“No, not in his pocket!” I gave Christian a look that said oh-my-God-gross.
“I just meant that the guy could have nasty, tiny, little effeminate hands at the end of his arms, and I’d still say yes to sleeping with him. You’re really twisted, Christian, to think I meant he was carrying severed girl hands around with him!”

Skye is kind of irresponsible. He has dyed his hair blue and always gets himself in trouble. When he brings home another piece of junk from the dumpster to use in one of his sculptures, his brother River has enough. River is moving out of their apartment since there is so much junk in there you can’t walk.

Skye decides to hunt for a job immediately. He has no idea where to start, but he gets a tip from an online friend to try out as a go-go dancer at a gay club. This online friend is someone he just met on a dating site, but this friend only wants to talk, not meet Skye in person.

Skye tries out for the dance position and he gets hired. The only downside to this is that he has to work with an obnoxious guy, Dare. When Skye and Dare meet, it is hate at first sight. Skye cannot stand him, even though he does find Dare kind of hot.

While Skye tries to get his life in order, he grows closer to his online friend, but unexpectedly also to Dare. When it turns out these men are one and the same, they hit it off and are all over each other.

We get a lot of hot and heavy sex scenes when these guys finally start dating. It did feel insta-lovey, but sure, I can do insta-love. If the story is entertaining, I’m fine with it.

Of course Nana shows up, together with the rest of the family, and there might be some dumpster diving, some arrests, and some public dancing. And they might be kidnapping a dog.

It was awesome.

The limo rolled over the curb and up the steps of the Bancroft Building, then smashed its way through the glass front wall. As soon as the limo was completely inside the lobby, its parking lights came on and Nana jumped out from behind the wheel. Everyone on the sidewalk must have been with Nana too, and they immediately ran into the building, tossing jackets aside to reveal t-shirts in bright colors and arranging themselves into a big rainbow. And then the most amazing thing happened. They all started to dance to the music in perfect unison.