Debt - K.C. Wells This was a great hurt/comfort story! It ticked a lot of my boxes.
- 23 year old age gap
- Shy young guy being severely mistreated
- Lots of hurt, and lots of comfort.

Mitch is a 45 year old English teacher whose last relationship ended two months ago. A colleague of his thinks it is time Mitch does something for fun so he takes Mitch to a club. It turns out this club is a very exclusive brothel. Mitch doesn’t quite know what he is doing there until he spots a young man reading a book.

Mitch feels drawn to this young man so he requests to see him. The young man, Nikko, is new to a life in prostitution and when Mitch finds out he is Nikko’s first costumer, he is extra gentle with him.

Nikko is being forced into prostitution by the man running the club. Nikko’s brother owes the owner a debt and Nikko said he will pay it for him.

Mitch cannot get Nikko out of his head, so he keeps visiting him. But he feels something is wrong and that Nikko might not be there of his own free will. Especially after Mitch sees the welts and wounds on Nikko’s back from a masochistic customer…

I loved this story. I loved how the details from Nikko’s life as a prostitute were not all glossed over (even though there was no on page abuse or rape). He was in that life for over half of this book, so I really felt I was there. I loved it, because after the hurt came the comfort!! Mitch was there to take care of Nikko. To love him. And of course to try to get him out of there.

Why not 5 stars, but 4? That is because one thing bothered me and that was Mitch. I never really warmed up to him. He was just so…. nothing… There aren’t any character traits I would use to describe him. He felt a bit empty.

Still, this is a great hurt/comfort story with some intense heartbreaking moments.