The Heart As He Hears It

The Heart As He Hears It - A.M. Arthur 2.5 stars

This book just got on my nerves. I was happy I quit with the audio and started reading, because I was not too thrilled with the narrator. He used an old man’s voice for Isaac, who was 22. And to listen to that for 11 hours...


I’m always curious to see how authors handle one of the MCs being in the porn industry. I was not too happy how things were handled in this one.

I was glad to see that Jon never did another scene once he started dating Isaac, but I felt the whole importance of Jon being in porn was totally brushed over here.

When Jon told Isaac he was in porn, all Jon thought was how he hoped Isaac wasn’t a judgmental asshole about it.


Could it be that it’s not about judging you for being in porn, but that fact that he might have a problem with you having sex with other people?? Oh, and Isaac was totally fine with it, which struck me as very unrealistic. They were very in love by that point and I cannot believe Isaac just shrugged and was okay with it.

The rest of the story showed potential, but I felt things were over explained or just too detailed. It took some of the emotion out of the story.