Against the Wall

Against the Wall - Alexa Land This series is so much fun!!

Christian is Skye’s best friend from the previous book. We know that Christian is planning to leave in a couple of months. But that is all everyone knows. No one knows what’s going on with him.

When Christian meets Shea it is almost love at first sight. How can Christian not fall for adorable Shea?

He spun around and took a few steps in my direction, cutting across the dance floor. In the next instant, his arms were flailing over his head and he fell like a tree that had been chopped down, tripping over God knows what and landing flat on his belly. He knocked over at least ten people on his way down in a domino effect. The slippery ice that had flown out of his glass took out another dozen, most of them knocking down even more people as they fell.


But Christian doesn’t want to hurt Shea when he knows he has to leave in a couple of months so he tries to keep his distance. But this doesn’t work out, because Nana takes everyone on a cruise!


Christian is surprised to see Shea there, but it turns out Shea is part of the Nolan family, so he was invited too.

There were ridiculous games, lots of cocktails and we even got public sex! I loved that cruise. I want to be Nana when I’m eighty. Bungee jumping and all.

Shea and Christian can’t help but to fall madly in love with each other, but Christian knows he has to say goodbye soon since he is going to go away. Of course Shea won’t have that when he finds out Christian’s secret. Christian has a brain tumor. He wants to be there for him even when Christian is too sick to take care of himself.

Don’t worry, everything works out fine and we got a lovely HEA!

I love this series.