The King's Men

The King's Men - Nora Sakavic Wow wow wow wow and WOW! This is how I feel about this series. It’s just amazing what the author did with it. There is so much emotion in these books, but in such a subtle way that it packed even more of a punch.

Neil is still playing Exy with his team. But the team is pretty messed up at the moment. Secrets were revealed and almost no one seems to get along. Neil makes it his task to change this.

But Neil also still has a big target on his back. People want to kill him and he has to find a way to keep his team safe.

With the games, the fights within the team, and all the blood, there is also Andrew. Neil and Andrew just cannot stay apart. I absolutely loved them together. Theirs is not a conventional love, but because of that every touch felt that much more powerful. Don’t expect puppies and rainbows, these guys are damaged and don’t trust anyone. So the fact that they even get close at all is a miracle. A beautiful miracle.

I’ve said it before, but I love how everything is so subtle in this series. There are no in your face declarations of love or friendship, but you can see it anyway.

I was worried there would be fade to black scenes since this is YA. And I hate fade to black. Not because it is all about the sex for me, but because I want to feel the connection. And sex and tenderness is a way to express that connection. To rob us of that would be cruel. But no fade to black scenes here! I think the author did an amazing job to write scenes that were not detailed at all, but made me feel all the emotions going on at that moment. That shower scene was one of my favorites!

I would really recommend this blog once you have finished reading. I wasn’t ready to let Neil and Andrew go, so this really helped me with my book hangover.