The Decisions We Make

The Decisions We Make - R.J. Scott Daniel is taken in by a foster family after his parents die when he is 9. The family he goes to live with are wonderful, with 2 sons, a daughter and amazing parents.

Daniel is especially close to Jamie, who is the same age. When the boys are 17, Daniel comes out to them. His family supports him, even though they’re afraid of the difficult path ahead.

Jamie is torn about the news that Daniel is gay. He feels betrayed that Daniel didn’t tell him sooner, but he also struggles with the fact that he has all these feelings for Daniel.

The boys share a kiss, but Daniel is terrified he is jeopardizing his family, his home, by being with Jamie..

This is a strange book to rate. There were parts I liked, like the fact that Jamie and Daniel were very close and I loved how Jamie was totally committed to Daniel from the start.

What I didn’t really care for were the constant flashbacks to see how the boys grew up. I started skimming them after the first two.

And even though I liked the big dramatic event that happened (hurt/comfort, oh yeah!), it was too much, too soon, to feel realistic. I would have liked the boys to have been a little more solid before it happened and everything got thrown out in the open.

It had potential, but it kind of fell flat for me.