Save of the Game

Save of the Game - Avon Gale 4.25 stars

I loved this!

I love the GFY trope, but I sometimes have trouble with a double GFY story simply because there is so much awkwardness. I love awkwardness, but it can also take the sexy out of the sex. Or lead to massive amounts of insecurity for both guys.

But not here! I loved how both Ethan and Riley both spoke their minds. The sex scenes were very sexy but also quite hilarious.

“Is this… um? Weird?”
“You’re gonna put your fingers in my ass, dude,” Ethan said. “Of course it’s weird. That’s why you should still be distracting me by sucking my cock. See? This really isn’t that hard, boyfriend.”

I loved that there is no angst anywhere in this book. It’s not overly fluffy or sweet, but there were no obstacles in the way of these guys.

The one thing I could have gone without though was the sex scene with Ethan and some girl at the beginning. I have no idea why that was even in the book. It was a one-time thing and it wasn’t even to show that Ethan was a slut, because he wasn’t. It could be to show that Ethan was really bisexual, but it just really annoyed me.

But other than that this was an amazing book!