Pinned - Maris Black 3.25 stars

I have no idea how to review this. On the one hand I quite liked it, but there were so many things ‘wrong’ in this book that I’m hesitant to ever read something else from this author.

- I liked Jeremy. He was cute, fun and fierce.
- The push and pull between Jeremy and Beck wasn’t too bad. Beck got his head out of his ass in time for me to still have some respect for him.
- Everything felt so intense in this book. I liked that I was really into it. I could not stop reading.

- I really had trouble with what the best friend, Gretchen, said about Jeremy. That Jeremy was beneath Beck? That he could do better? She didn’t even know Jeremy! Some best friend that is…
- Even though it was horrifying what Jeremy went through, the fact that he decided to not tell anyone, had me raging!
I am never okay with characters keeping something this important and traumatic to themselves. It’s stupid and only adds to the drama in a book. Not my cup of tea.
- I felt the issues with the parents were underdeveloped. Go all the way, or leave it out. Suddenly bringing Beck to Jeremy's parent’s house felt off somehow. Especially because they didn’t talk about if before. It is suddenly mentioned they are going to visit.

So there were things I liked and things I didn’t like. Overall, this is a very intense book, with very intense emotions all around. I can honestly say I enjoyed it, but can’t give it more stars.