In Front of God and Everyone

In Front of God and Everyone - Nealy Wagner Josh and Caleb, both 20 now, were born in a cult. In this cult the men have several wives and the bachelor sons need to work their asses off in the field.

Josh feels something is coming. He knows people sometimes get kicked out without reason. Especially the young guys, since there aren’t enough wives.

When Josh gets hit on the head and dragged into the back of a truck, he knows his faith. He gets taken to a town without any belongings and dumped there. Luckily his best friend Caleb saw this coming and told Josh to wait for him at the bus stop.

When Caleb arrives they decide to try to find Maggie. Maggie, who ran away from the cult 5 years ago. They only know where she lives, but with the help of a truck driver, they arrive on Maggie’s doorstep. Maggie and her husband take them in immediately.

Maggie has a bedroom saved for when someone from the cult needed it. She was hoping her sister would be the one to run away, but she is just as happy to have Josh and Caleb.

Josh can’t quite figure out why Caleb ran away with him and why Caleb didn’t just married Miriam, a close friend of theirs. But everything starts to make sense when Caleb tries to explain by kissing Josh..

These guys were so sweet together! I loved them. I’m glad the author decided to keep the angst to a minimum. Yes, there is an angsty scene near the end when Caleb is being stupid, but I was fine with it. I could really understand him. And I loved how Josh stood up for himself.

This book had a real family feeling. I loved how Josh and Caleb felt at home with Maggie, Dylan and their baby.

Such a lovely story.

Oh, and the sexy scenes were goooooood.